1. Connecting- Introduce yourself and why you want to connect

-I’m cool, fun and hard-working at the same time. And I would like to know the reason why that particular person.

2. Follow, add friend

I prefer to add someone who I was previously met in person. I have absolutely no trust on ‘security’ on meeting someone over the internet.

3. Privacy, add, friend:

– Privacy on public network is primary. I keep my facebook privately. However, instead of choose the access to be private, I chose not to put private information on the facebook which I believe to be safer. And when I don’t like what has been wrote on my wall due to improper language used or providing any privacy of anyones then i would delete it.

4. Signal to noise

– In some cases, I think it’s bothering when a person who is not well-known constantly showing up in my news feed, I would hide them. However, people are free to update their own status, it’s what people do for the most part, then it would not bothered me.

5. Personal data and sharing

– I’m looking to find friends who I personally known as vice versa but not looking for any “deep” levels of any kinds of relationship. 

6. My networking needs and uses

– Twitter and Facebook are loved by many ones all over the world but not too much for me. I open them about twice a day and don’t spend more than 10 minutes each time. It’s because I’m a huge fan of Yahoo360 blog where I have found many common interests with friends.

7.  Your criteria here

Real World. Real Time. Real People. The ‘3-R’ is the reason for my social network.



             One time, I have listened to a podcast radio show called Mcallister live-talk show that can be heard in your car radio station 73.1 FM on every Sunday night from 10 pm to 12 am.  I have found it interesting because his advises to teenagers as well as young adults can make significant improvement in one’s life.  I just listen to a podcast at this website last night During an hour radio talk show, there are many different conversations between Dawson McAllister and callers nationally about widerange of life issues such as money destroys relationship, unsolvable financial situations, college money debts, any anything else you can name it. There are some particular conversations that remarks me the most. One of them is from a young man who is desperately trying to stay out of poverty in which Dawson describes him as a “winner” because none of people whom he’s been received calls is doing right things in their lives. His name was Ryan (I believe) and has borrowed 8,000 dollars to pay for his training school as a commercial pilot in which he was determined to. School was finished after 5 or 6 months and he got his lisence but cannot find any jobs that are available. He is stressed out of payments every month as well as his feeling of desperation. However, Dawson told him and help him recognize he himself as a “winner” and a winner is the one who does not give up in any circumstances. Dawson also suggests Ryan to go to the airports and ask for any suggestion from any pilots who previously have the same situation as Ryan is having. And another situation of a young guy 18 year old with his father. It was that his father was ritire early, but he is spending money a lot, every month with big bills. Thast young man with his mom have tried to talk to him, however, he just gets angry and drives around. Dawson gave him a suggestion that, tell your dad that ” I’m broken my heart, you know, I’m disappointed on you (don’t say angry), you’re really responsible for what you’re doing to mom. Anyway you can turn it around before all are destroyed.” ..

       Finally. I found that listening to podcast is a good way for me to leran english as an nternational student. During finding a podcast to listen to this assignment, I realized tha t I need to listen more podcast in my free time. A lot of things is very intering and helpful on podcast.

Blog Review

              What is a blog? Blog is a type of website that you can post your pictures, whatever you like or dislike and want to share with public, ect. I have read a lot of blogs, but the blogs that I visit most of time is one of my close friend blogs and one of my country travel blogs.

              The first blog that is innteresting to me most is my close friend’s blog. My friend is QuocThien, his blog link is ttp:// I just have gotten really farmiliar with his blog since he became a Vietnamese Idol. We  went to middle and high school together in a small town. He has a very good voice; he sings very well. During his childhood, Thien won a lot of awards. Every single event of school, he also sang to school. After graduated high school, Thien attended the Vietnamese Idol. While Thien was competing, his mother died because of a cancer desease. It was a big schock for him. However, Thien finally get the prize successfully. Since became famous, I always visits his blog every day to see what is going on with him. Because we live so far away from each other, we don’t have chance to talk a lot. I can read his feeling evry day, every his performing,..and listen to his songs. Though we are living in two different countries, I feel realy happy to see his success every, and I want to share or give little comment on his blog every night after the performing.

             The second blog that I really like is Vietnam Travel Blog Though I live in Vietnam, I don’t have chances to travel. This site makes me feel really warm whenever I visit it. The infromation of the blog is improved frequently. I can see a lot pictures of famous landscape around my country. I also can read the comments of tourists about my country. I found that it is a way can help me to know more about Vietnam’s Geography.

             As a first year student at GSU, I am ytaking FYE class. I found that the blog of this class that my teacher created is very helpful. It helps me know more about college, Statesboro where I’m living.

Start before you need to start

         “Start before you need to start” was a message that Peter, a graduated college student has been sharing his idea of saving more money in your pocket to many people around the country, as well as international military stations. On Sept. 14th 2009, His main focus was how to improve your credit score. It can be improve by paying bills on time, fixing mistakes, paying and limiting debts, etc. There are tons of benefits and advantages for someone who has good credit score; a good credit score is above 700 points while a bad credit score is below 400 points. The benefits and advantages apply when you buy a car, a house, a TV, or even open a business of your own and everything else that you can think of in your life. Good credit score will help you buying stuffs easier because people will check and high trust in the buyer. Better credit score is not only makes your life easier but also makes you spend less than others because good credit score always means lower the interest rate. The interest rate is what annoying people the most because it’s so high and never goes down. Moreover, he advised us not to apply for too many credit cards and never cancel them because each time you apply for a card, your credits will go down and when you cancel a card, your credit will go down tremendously.

           Further along the talk, he described the way we shop and called it as “Chain Reaction Shopping” means that when you make a purchase will lead to more purchases. In our daily activities, we purchase many different things with low prices but they are actually outnumbered. For example, we purchase a coffee at Starbucks in the morning, a drink and some snacks later in the day, and maybe some discount drinks during happy hour, etc. These purchases if we add them up, they would cost a little bit above 10 bucks/daily spending, and they would cost about 3,650 dollars/yearly-spending at minimum. They are the little stuff that we forget in our life and if we could minimize them, we will be able to save more money than we thought.  

             At the end of the talk, he advised us to take a step in saving our money and use them more wisely, as well as advised us to go on his website, to learn more and get free stuffs.

One Week of Twitter

t        Twitter is very famous around the world; there are numerous twitter users, including me. I’m not really a tweeting person. However, since I knew about Twitter through my teacher in FYE 1220, I have learned a lot of interesting things with Twitter. At first, I was not really like to use Twitter. Interesting!!! I realized that using Twitter may help me become at writing headlines. Whenever I want to post a tweet, all I have to think is how to make it in 140 characters. Learning to write in 140 characters keeps me succinct and on point.

          Using Twitter as a searcher, I just type anything I care about, such as my home town, my school, my hobby, or any Twitter username into the Twitter search box. I am always being amazed at what I see. There is a lot of information that has been said by people in the last few minutes, hours, or days I can find in Twitter. I personally think Twitter gives me a whole new way to get a sense of what “the world” is thinking right now about pretty much anything. In addition, I learned that I also can retweet a message by resend that message to all of my followers that I think is important. It is so simple.

          So yes, using Twitter to communicate tangible, meaning thoughts may help reinforce some basic principles of writing skills. Personally, I have found Twitter to be a great networking source of information. Though I do not really spend a lot of time on Twitter and post the tweets, I would like to keep using it in order to get news quickly from people around the world, also to improve my writing headlines. Twitter is useful and interesting. Get try it now!    



Ropes Course Blog

         Low Ropes Course is the course to practice “Challenge by choice”. Everybody has different of abilities and levels of comfort, the purpose of this course is to give some activities that are not difficult to solve  if you are working as a teamwork.

         My FYE class decided to go Southern Adventure on Monday. September 21st. I was so disappointed because I was missed the course. I could not have chance to challenge myself, to have fun with my classmates. However, the next class after the course, I heard from my classmates that at the course they played some games that was very interesting. The first game was throwing tennis ball to each person and saying her/his name, the second was getting in a log and talking to each other by using the animal noises, and the last one was leading into a rope and each person was blind-folded and couldn’t ask anything except two questions,”Am I good?” or “Can I have some help?”  I didn’t attended this course, however, I did played these kind of games with my friends when I were in ELP for international students at GSU. I could say that after those games my classmates definitely knew everyone’s name in my class, and learn that asking for help is totally not difficult when you are working in group, especially it was amazing that you can talk by animal noises.

         FYE 1220 is Making connection. in my opinion,  the experience of these games is very useful for this class. First, it brought everyone to know each other and then to work together to figure out what the group have to do to achieve the goal.

         Although playing these games before, I still want to attend this course with my FYE 1220 so I can know more about my classmates like their name. Definitely, my classmates who attended the course had benifits  because they knew each other name and worked together. It will be more easier if the class has chance to come back to Southern Adventure again.

         Personally, I am not a communicated person. So it is the good way to learn how to communicate with each other when we work in a group. A problem that you can not figure out by yourself sometimes, in the contrast, it is quickly solved if you have a group working. Group activities are not only fun but also bring a lot of helpful lessons to me and you.